Subtopia a.s shut down June 10 2003. Our website is still up and running in its present shape, as a portfolio showing what Subtopia was all about. Scroll down for examples of our work or go to the archive section which contains examples of our earlier stuff.

Subtopia's three partners Marius Renberg, Stein Øvre and Frode Slotnes are still active as designers and illustrators and can be contacted at the addresses below. For questions concerning Subtopia please contact Marius Renberg.

Marius Renberg Tel. 41 21 71 02 (Personal site:
Frode Slotnes Tel. 98 23 80 03
Stein Øvre Tel. 47 33 82 71 (Personal site:


28 NOV 2003
Marius Renberg and Stein Øvre received The Norwegian Design Council "Award For Design Excellence" for their work on the development of the visual identity for NRK. The identity system covers complete brand architecture, overall visual id, as well as identity systems for all channels (NRK 1, NRK 2, NRK P1, P2, P3 etc. etc.).
We wish to congratulate our numerous collaborators, especially Petter T. Moshus and Cecilie Lyng (at NRK), for their considerable input and support in this project. UK-based design company Kemistry and designer Johan Sæther also deserve their fair share of applause. Kemistry for their i-dent concept development and Johan Sæther for his work on the development of the visual identity system.

MARCH 2004
The Subtopia team recieved the coveted book design award «Årets vakreste bok 2004» ("Most beautiful book of the year") for their work on the massive tome «Fotefar mot nord». The book documents the cultural history of the northern parts of Norway, from the ice age up to the present. The close to 900 pages thick book was the result of over four years of work in close collabaoration with photographer Guri Dahl and publishing house Press Forlag.

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Da D.O.N.S
The debut single from hip-hop trio Da D.O.N.S has a Subtopia sleeve.

Subtopia interview the latest issue of Norwegian design netzine We even present private design and illustration work not previously seen on our own pages.
Guu's last interview was with now defunkt Kjeks. Sorry, Guu, we're not meaning to contribute to a trend!

Subtopia received three awards at this year's Årets vakreste bøker (2002's most beautiful books):
One diploma for Italienske hemmeligheter, and two for Duften av Havana.
Check out both books in our archive section.

The second issue of this magazine is out now. Check out sample pages from the first two issues.

The second release on Tuba's new Melodisc label is the jazz trio Kiruna's debut Irun. As on Melodisc's first release, Maiden Voyage, the sleeve is made by Thore Hansen (illustration) and Subtopia (design).

Fotefar mot nord
A new brick thick book from Press! Through 840 photo-packed pages you are taken on a historical and cultural journey through Northern Norway. One of Norway's premier photographers, Guri Dahl, has compiled the more than 1000 photos in this Subtopia designed book.

The Retardos
Keep Winning is The Retardos' new 7" single. It's also the title track of their forthcoming album. Both the 7" and the album are equipped with Subtopia sleeves.

The second album from Køhn/Johansen is brimful of their unique blend of soul/r'n'b/jazz. It contains some instant classic tunes...accompanied by instant classic cover art;)

American Suitcase
Sleeve for the third American Suitcase album, the masterful Summerman. This CD is another triumph of harmony power pop! Out now on TPWB Records.

Staten bygger
An architectual book focusing on buildings under management of the Norwegian state. It has ended up as a documentation of some of Norway's most beautiful buildings. The book is written by Geir Thomas Risåsen and published by Press. Design (and custom made font) by Subtopia.

Earlier this year interior designer Morten Steen Kaels exhibited photos presenting four of his interiors at Norsk Form. One of the interiors presented was the Subtopia office. We also designed the exhibition catalogue (pdf).

Subtopia has designed the sleeves for most of McMusic's compilation albums, (both the series and its spin-offs). Take a closer look at
McMusic24 and some of the other sleeves from the series.

A happy body from physical activity is the gospel of this book. Jill Jahrmann has written a book that fills you with an urge to jump up and work it out! Subtopia has designed the book, and it's packed with photos by Stian Andersen. Out now on Gyldendal Fakta.

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